How to delete a Gmail account

If you have decided you would like to delete your Gmail account, we have got all the information you want to get it done. Whether you are giving up on email entirely or simply don't need the account anymore, you can easily delete your Gmail account. Additionally, you can do this without deleting your connected Google account.Google notes that deleting your Gmail account will delete all of your mails and your email settings, even though perhaps it doesn't immediately delete all of your mails. But should you choose a later date that you wish to reopen your Gmail account, you might have that option. You also don't need to be concerned about someone swooping in and pretending to be you using your Gmail address, since Google will not allow anyone else to use it after you have deleted your account.You might choose to download your Gmail data before deleting your account, since it'll be missing otherwise. Here is the best way to download your Gmail data and store it for your …

How to reinstall Windows 10

You have to understand how to reinstall Windows 10, even if the operating system is really indestructible. This is particularly true if anything goes wrong with Windows 10 and you have to get your PC back to its glory days.Fortunately, using the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, it has never been simpler to reinstall Windows 10. The operating system includes all you want to take control of the situation and mend Windows 10 problems, employing a blend of different tools. And, in case you do not know where to start, do not worry: we will show you how you can reinstall Windows 10 in several of different ways.And, after we show you the way you can reinstall Windows 10, we will dive right into a lot of utilities that can bring your device back to life -- by an easy rollback of key system files and settings, to fully reinstalling Windows 10 itself. It might be that an easy restore could do the trick, also, rather than performing a full reinstall.Check out our collection of guides on how to us…

What Is a DNS Server?

A DNS server is a computer server that includes a database of public IP addresses and their affiliated hostnames, and in most cases serves to solve, or interpret, those names into IP addresses as requested. DNS servers run particular software and communicate with each other using specific protocols.The Purpose of DNS ServersIt is much easier to remember a domain name or hostname such as than it would be to bear in mind the website's IP address numbers

If you would like to browse into the TechTnet website, all you must type in is the URL Conversely, computers and network devices do not work nicely with names when seeking to find each other on the internet. It is a lot more efficient and exact to use an IP address.Malware Attacks That Change DNS Server SettingsIt is always important to be running an antivirus software. 1 rationale is that malware, could destroy your computer in a manner that alters the DNS server settings, and it …

How to protect your privacy online with Tor Browser

If you would like to maintain your web browsing personal, you may use the Incognito mode in Chrome, Private Browsing in Firefox, InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge, etc. Even though this can prevent other people who use your computer from seeing your surfing history, it will not prevent your ISP from tracking the websites you're visiting. You may well need to -- for any amount of reason browse the internet completely anonymously, and it is exactly what Tor Browser offers.Reputation for The Onion Router, Tor offers multiple levels of protection to make sure that your online actions, identity and location are kept completely private. Here are the steps that you want to follow so as to install and use Tor Browser.1. Install Tor BrowserStart by downloading and installing Tor Browser. Click Finish when the installation is done, and Tor will start for the first time. You will be greeted with a settings dialog that can be used to control the way you connect with the Tor network.

In most ca…

Tor Browser review

Tor (The Onion Router) Browser hides your action and place online by routing all of your surfing through multiple anonymous servers, thereby concealing where you are and making it challenging (although not impossible) to spot who is doing exactly what online. That means it is a good way to access websites that repressive authorities do not want people to see, for whistleblowers to report corruption and illegal action without getting fired or worse, and also to access the deep web.The deep web is an internet over the internet, not indexed by search engines, and websites end with the .onion suffix and may only be accessed through Tor. As you'd expect, a few of those websites are key for perfectly good reasons - they're sharing information that somebody, somewhere does not need shared - however others are key because they're fantastically prohibited. Browse at your danger and keep in mind that Tor Browser makes it difficult to locate you, but does not offer 100% unbreakable a…

Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016) review

The 15-inch MacBook Pro has ever been the go-to computer for creatives and media fans. Need quad-core processors, dedicated graphics and a large old screen that's just slightly smaller in the screen? If this is so, Apple's 13-inch laptops probably have not cut the proverbial mustard to you in the past.Much like the newest 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has given its bigger model a whole redesign. Not only has the company shaved depth in the last-generation Pro's large chassis, but this new model also gets a fancy tactileTouch Bar strip in place of the function key row.Read more: Apple Final Cut Pro XAdditionally, it benefits from an update to Intel's sixth-generation Skylake processors, flexible USB-C ports with quick transfer prices, a brighter and more colour drenched display, faster graphics and booming speakers.However, because Apple aficionados have been used to by today (and not only from the computing space either), if the Cupertino company giveth, it generally take…

HP Spectre x360 15 (2018) review

The HP Spectre lineup of 2-in-1 laptops and Ultrabooks has built a reputation for adding ultra-power and ultra-portability through the years. As well as the HP Spectre x360 15 2018 leans more towards the former, using beefy Intel Kaby Lake Refresh silicon, a flexible hinge and a fingerprint sensor. And, it works: that laptop has been out for a year, but the HP Spectre x360 15 2018 remains keeping up with its Whiskey Lake-equipped contest.Having a gorgeous 4K display with touch along with an included pencil, it's easy to see how the HP Spectre x360 15 is one of the finest 2-in-1 laptops accessible right now. This laptop even packs enough battery juice to make it a rival for the classroom and office alike.Basically every PC maker creates a device in this way, with products such as the Microsoft Surface Book 2 along with the Dell XPS 15 2-in-1. However, in the face of numerous competitions, it can be trying for the Spectre x360 to get attention. How does it fare? Let us find out.Pric…